Suitable for factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants & labs.

Install locations

Staff common areas
Facility entrance/exit

Industrial facilities are often cold, damp environments where infection thrives. Business owners need to go beyond the minimum cleaning schedules to meet tougher health and safety standards and make sure produce isn’t contaminated. 99point9 saves on cleaning labour costs, as well helps reduce absenteeism through illness and guard against the threat of total shutdown following an outbreak. Installing the 99point9 will reassure employees that their workplace is safe and does not pose a risk to their health.

Common public health issues in industrial facilities:

Cold, damn environments are a haven for bacteria

Presenteeism results in employees bringing infections into work

Strict infection control standards lead to expensive hygiene solutions

Our solution:

Automates manual cleaning

Stops infection moving between spaces

Improves employee experience

"Definitely reassuring"

We bought this at the start of the pandemic and having remained in our offices/warehouse throughout, I have relied on the extra protection to keep my colleagues and I safe. Door handles are a major transfer worry; this automatic cleaning system has definitely given me a sense of reassurance and they are popular with my team.

Installed on entry/exit doors and washrooms

More happy customers

More happy customers

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