Suitable for restaurants, QSR, bars & hotels.

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Creating a positive customer experience, one that ensures repeat visits, is vital in hospitality. One of the first or last places a customer visits is always the washroom, where poor hygiene can leave a lasting impression. The 99point9 removes fear and suspicion from touching the door handle to exit the washrooms.

Common public health issues in hospitality:

High volume of customers using public toilets

Top hygiene is a key factor in customer enjoyment

Customers will limit how much they drink, eat and spend time if they don’t want to use toilets

Our solution:

Automates manual cleaning

Staff can focus on customers not hygiene schedules

Lasting, positive customer experience

"Premium experience"

Some of our customers may have hesitations about resuming travel but visible hygiene measures like this will help allay fears. This is something we’ve done to ensure a premium experience, but it is also just common sense – why spend time washing your hands if you have to touch a dirty handle to exit?

Fergal, On Board Services Manager

Installed on-board washrooms

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