Suitable for doctors, dentists, clinics, GPs, pharmacies & hospitals.

Install locations

Waiting room
Consultation room
Staff areas

Infection prevention and control is critical to operations in healthcare. Protecting patients from picking up infections from each other is a basic requirement of any facility. Our product eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on door handles through a trusted, automatic solution.

Common public health issues in healthcare:

High proportion of infection brought into premises

Staff’s hands are damaged by too much sanitiser use

Privacy demands doors can’t be propped open

Our solution:

Disinfecting key touchpoints stops the spread of infection

Clean handles mean staff don’t need to sanitise hands at every door

"Just what we needed"

"Great customer service. Product was easy to install and is perfect for our needs. By having a door handle disinfector this meant that we didn’t need to pay for an automatic door to be fitted."

Jennifer, Practice Manager

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