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24 Station Road, Fowey
PL23 1DF, Cornwall, United Kingdom

24 Station Road, Fowey PL23 1DF, Cornwall, United Kingdom

About us

99point9 Hygiene Ltd is a UK company. Our CEO, Simon Sassoon, invented the solution back in 2007 when as the New York Times said, he “saw the future” of hygiene. Back then the product was called HYSO D3 Micro and was successfully sold within the US healthcare market. In April 2020, 99point9 Hygiene Limited acquired the HYSO D3 Micro door handle disinfecting device and associated IP.

Today, we are a team dedicated to improving public wellbeing by reducing our exposure to human fallibility. For years, many of the most common public health and hygiene issues we face have been met with ineffective or labour intensive measures. We believe that simpler, more sustainable solutions are possible.

We combine creativity, pragmatism and proven science to design and produce products that tackle very real problems in a completely new way. We explore, test, innovate, develop, test, rework and start again if that’s what it takes. All in the pursuit of products that feel less like an intrusion into our lives, and more like a welcome addition.



Eric Wilkinson



Richard Grogan


Keith Baker

Keith Baker


Management Team


Paul Callaghan



Simon Sassoon

Head of Product

Media and press

The word is starting to get out about the potential of the 99point9 with Intelligent Mist Technology, have a look at some of our latest coverage.

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