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Automatic Door Handle Disinfecting System.

Unlike hand cleaning, however conscientious, the 99POINT9 keeps door handles 99.9% free of bacteria and viruses all the time.

The patented automated system for disinfecting door handles, kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi, eliminating the threat of cross-contamination.

The 99POINT9 sprays the door handle with a hospital grade Isopropanol and Quaternary Ammonium-based disinfectant mist as frequently as every fifteen minutes, and continues to work on the handle surface after it has dried. By automatically disinfecting the door handle at regular intervals, the 99POINT9 acts as an ‘invisible janitor’, consistently protecting customers and employees at a critical point of cross-contamination – the door handle.

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75% of consumers say they would be more likely to visit a building, if there was a visible, automatic cleaning device.

Keeping your hands clean is one of the best ways to protect yourself against disease. But many people don’t wash their hands when they should, which is why we all look at doorknobs with suspicion. The HYSO 99POINT9 reassures you, it’s safe.

Stephen S. Morse MD

Director of the Center for Public Health Preparedness, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

Perfect for door handles, door knobs, levers and push plates.

The HYSO 99POINT9 automatically kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact, delivering a metered spray of hospital grade disinfectant to handles, levers, knobs and push plates.

Highlighted by the current COVID19 pandemic, increased awareness about cross-contamination risks has driven public demand for clean, safe, healthy and hygienic facilities.

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Door handles are known to be havens for countless types of harmful bacteria and are one of the most common contact points for human-to-human transmission of many types of germs.

People can contract the common cold, flu or other diseases by inadvertently exposing themselves to unsanitised door handles. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), germs can live on surfaces such as a door handle for hours, and in some cases, even for days. Regardless of whether you keep your hands clean, it only takes one person to contaminate a door handle and put everyone else who uses that door handle at risk.

The HYSO 99POINT9 Door Handle Disinfecting Device is the only automated system for disinfecting door handles to have been approved for use by the EPA.

The HYSO 99POINT9 is a unique and cost-effective system that is simple to install, easy to maintain and consistently protects building occupants and patrons at a critical point of cross contamination – the door handle. The HYSO 99POINT9 helps protect those who comply with normal hand hygiene standards from becoming infected by those who do not.

Installs in minutes, no tools required

Bathroom doorhandles are a huge potential source of disease causing organisms. People who wash their hands risk infection after touching the door handle. The HYSO 99POINT9 has been shown to reduce or eliminate this risk. Use of the HYSO 99POINT9 in conjunction with hand washing will result in a decrease of disease transmission.

Mark Wilkenfeld MD

Professor in Clinical Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center and Occupational Medicine Consultant to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety

Expensive and labour intensive disinfecting is no longer necessary.

How does it work?

The HYSO 99POINT9 is affixed to the door 12”-15” above the door handle and works by spraying a burst of quick-drying, alcohol and quaternary ammonium-based formula that effectively disinfects door handles, door knobs, lever handles and push plates, killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Tests have shown that HYSO 99POINT9 treated door handles had an average 99.9% reduction in bacterial and viral growth than on untreated door handles. Tests have also shown that there are significantly fewer bacteria on the hands of individuals who have touched a 99POINT9-treated door handle than on those who have not.

Is the entire handle protected?

The Quaternary Ammonium compound leaves an invisible residue on the handle’s surface – just enough that when you turn the handle, the formulation is distributed around the entire handle providing a barrier to bacterial, viral and fungal growth. Extensive swab data analysis has proven the 99POINT9 formula provides full coverage of the entire door handle, top to bottom, side to side.

Increased awareness about cross-contamination risks has driven public demand for clean, safe, healthy and hygienic environments.

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Constantly cleaning, seriously safe.

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